3 Pros and Cons of Being a Sugar Baby

being a sugar babyIs sugar dating term fascinating you? Are you thinking of becoming a part of this and enjoy all the perks that your friends are getting on being a sugar baby? Well, it’s a great idea considering the growing popularity of Sugar Dating. However, before you jump into this field and embrace all new sweet lifestyle, let me show you both side of the situation, aka pros and cons of sugar dating.

Pros of Being a Sugar Baby: A Closer Look at the Golden Side

1. Allowance: Needless to say, getting a full-time paycheck without undergoing any full-time job is the foremost benefit of becoming a sugar baby that magnetized guys to register on a sugar mama dating app. Guys turn towards Sugar dating to pay their monthly expenses and enjoy a lavishing lifestyle, which is pretty hard to do with their current financial status.

2. Experience: Though intangible, being a sugar baby also offers you with extensive knowledge and experience – both related to relationship and career. Your sugar mama, being a woman herself, will help you understand what a woman think and feel, and how to act to rule her heart. In short, she will aid you with the tactics to how to deal with your girl and nurture your relationship. Besides, being rich enough to pay your bills too, she can become the right model for you to learn what steps to take in your professional life to experience a financially-sound life.

3. Free Time: Sugar Dating provides you with ample of free time to play soccer, hang out with your friends, watch movies, and do anything you like while managing your expenses without applying for any full-time work job – which is again a great thing.

Cons of Being a Sugar Baby: A Closer Look at the Dark Side

1. Secretive Life: Though it is legally allowed, many people still consider Sugar dating as a taboo. Therefore, you have to keep your Sugary life a secret from your family, friends, and all. Yeah, you can tell a few closer one – but only if they are comfortable with this fact; only when they will not call you a Gold-digger or anything ill.

Besides, you have to be ready with a perfect plan to keep this life a secret and gain trust of others, when they question upon your financial status or how you are able to manage so much of free time while paying all your monthly bills.

2. No Long-Term Relationship: Aha, a pain point. Regardless of how emotionally connected you are, how much you adore being with each other and care for each other, you can’t look forward to have a long-term relationship with your sugar mama. These arrangements are temporary only – implying your sugar mama will go extinct from your life any day, any moment without even pondering upon how wrecked you will be – both financially and emotionally.

3. Time Management: Being a sugar baby means being available to your sugar mama whenever she wants. You have to manage your time and cancel your personal plans too, if she needs you. Meanwhile, you have to curb your excitement. And sit back at your home if your sugar mama cancels your meeting/traveling plan at the end moment. This fact is also a drawback of being a sugar baby.

Many times, it happens that come across a sugar mama this gets over-possessive, abuse you (emotionally or physically), or even make you struggle for every single penny. Facing this misery and coming out of the trauma is yet another thing you need to be prepare for.

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