How can Sugar Babies Find If Chemistry is Missing in Their Relationship?

sugar babiesSo it has been a month you have been talking to the sexy older woman you met on sugar baby dating sites. She has listened to all your favorite music tracks, visited almost the same places, read all your favorite books, knew how to uplift your mood, and the conversation flows easily. Everything seems perfect and you are planned to meet at the newly opened cafe at the corner of the city. You have been excited and hopeful to take this romantic affair to the next level, but wait – you haven’t sensed any chemistry between you both when met face to face. You felt that the spark between you two has been missing somewhere. But is it really so? Or you have mistaken her nervousness and anxiety as ‘turn off’ feeling. To help the sugar babies in coming to a conclusion in this scenario, here are some of the questions that we recommend to ask yourself:

1. Are They using Phone on Date?

Okay, I know sometimes you have some urgent task to do or have to pick a really important call. In such cases, using phones is fine. However, if your sugar momma stays on phone almost throughout the date, it clearly indicates that she’s not interested in you. That’s why she is busy with her friends and other on phone rather than utilizing the time to know more about you and looking forward to take a serious step ahead.

2. How’s the Conversation?

It’s true that the first date is always a bit awkward, even if you have been talking to each other for months on sugar baby dating sites. However, if your conversations could not go beyond her favorite movie or food, and some healthy discussion on art, it probably means you both are not into each other. And, it is better for you to move on.

3. Are Their Talks Self-Centered?

Another way to figure out if chemistry is missing is watching out what kind of conversation you are having and in what direction is it going. If the lady you met on sugar baby dating sites is constantly talking about her beauty, her achievements, her desires, and future planning, and is not letting you to complete even a single sentence in a flow, she’s not the right one.

Finding a sugar momma is a daunting task for sugar babies, and even more is finding the one with whom you have a perfect chemistry. But this does not mean that lose hope. While the above questions will give you a hint if the chemistry is falling out in your relationship, there are various way to revive chemistry in your relationship too – something we will cover on some other day. Till that, you can keep enjoying the perks of sugar dating.

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